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Oct 16, 2012 10:00am EDT
make them too small to succeed. then, simon johnson will have five minutes to rebut as well peter, and you will each have three minutes to make your closing arguments. thereafter, we will open and up to a panel discussion. you can throw questions at one another, cast of versions and make attacks as you want. we will have an open discussion as time allows and we will open and up to q&a from the audience. i know we will have our timekeeper standing in the back. you will be cut off if you use more than your allotted time. with that, let us get started. harvey, the floor is yours. you have eight minutes. you do not have to use at all it did not choose to. >> thank you. i would like to think brad for inviting me to come up here for this debate. another thing i need to say, and i might be the only one on the panel has to do this. but give a disclaimer. the pews am going to express today our mind. -- the abuse and gorda express i am going to express today our mind. what i am going to say is not necessarily the view of anyone else in the federal reserve system or any of the parts of the i
Oct 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
discussion. it is one hour and 25 minutes. >> welcome, everybody. -simon rosenberg. we are grateful that you came out here today. if we had done an event around polli,ng we would have a few more people, but we are lucky to have joining rob shapiro, the chair of our globalization initiative, our good friend edward luce, who is now the former bureau chief of "the financial times," now chief american commentator and is also a published author. he has recently written one of the more influential or at least highly commentated -- there was so much commentary around his book about whether or not america was in decline in the economic issues we will be talking about today and we feel lucky he took time out of his busy schedule to guide us. many of you know rob shapiro, who has a long history of policy leadership here in washington, starting in the early days working for daniel patrick moynihan, to helping advise bill clinton in 1992, and eventually becoming the undersecretary of commerce in the second clinton term. what brought us together is the subject we will talk about today. back in early-2005
Oct 17, 2012 10:00am EDT
. it is a personality that comes from simon baron-cohen. he has a bunch of items that will give you a score, the drive to understand the variables in a system and how they govern the behavior of the system. if you understand subway maps, sheets, if you enjoy doing that, it is the drive to identify the of motions another person is to -- experiencing. there is a big sex difference here. men are higher on systematizing and women are higher on that. if you analyze only the men, libertarian men are the highest of any of the three groups and they are the lowest on empathizing. libertarians are the only group whose scores are higher than their empathizing scores. this reflects a lot of things happening. many point to the feminizing of the democratic party. it has not only got more female, but it has gotten more feminine. there are a whole bunch of other studies, and i can tell you like this. it is a whole year -- a measure of reasoning, we have logic problems were you can get it wrong. tolerance of ambiguity, libertarians are the highest. there is one exception, won a motion we have measured
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3